Apr 18, 2012

Scott Walker Keeps Sucking up Koch Brothers Money Out-of-state

Scott Walker = John Doe
Update: Koch gives another $1 million to pro-Walker GOP group

What's good for the Koch brothers is not necessarily what's good for Wisconsin.

But Scott Walker continues to jet around the country at Koch brothers-funded institutions, taking out-of-state cash to make TV spots to lie to the Wisconsin people.

The Capital Times reports:

In recent months, he has traveled to California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and other states to address Koch-tied groups
No apologies from Scott Walker. No explanation for why he is not in Wisconsin talking to the Wisconsin people. Just a whole lotta money.

Scott Walker's "personal time" must be getting even higher than before. One Wisconsin Now made a state open records request, and discovered Scott Walker is on a schedule akin to permanent vacation on the taxpayers' dime—make that permanent personal time.

Walker can only hope at this point to keep out-of-state, get as much money as possible, fund his recall campaign and criminal defense fund; and if more news breaks on Walker's criminal dealings, Walker can always keep whatever money he doesn't use in his campaign fund and use it for whatever he wants.

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