Feb 3, 2013

Scott Walker: The Phantom Governor

Used to be in Wisconsin, listening sessions and facing the people of Wisconsin was an acknowledged duty of elected officials.

Failure to adhere to this political ethos likely meant you were voted out.

For example, in Wisconsin's second congressional district, we lost Rep. Robert Kastenmeier (D-Madison, 1958-1990), a truly great public servant but one who didn't spend enough time in the district.

Now, comes Scott Walker.

And a new manner of disengagement, and embrace of anti-public billionaires like the Koch brothers, Diane Hendricks and AIG's Hank Greenberg. The Wisconsin people?

Ignore them, says Scott Walker.

Walker has transformed the Wisconsin Office of the Governor page into a personal propaganda sheet.

Walker jets around the country, this weekend in Nebraska, ignoring the Wisconsin people.

Walker refuses all non-scripted encounters with the people.

Walker refuses press conferences.

Walker has set records for jetting around the country raising money from out-of-state monied interests.

Walker's administration actually sends armed police to the homes and workplaces of Wisconsin citizens to issue citations for singing in opposition to selling out our state.

Walker stonewalled the Milwaukee DA's office and forced a criminal John Doe probe.

Walker maintains a criminal defence fund but won't face the Wisconsin people to explain.

Walker's top aides have been convicted of stealing from military veterans.

One can go on.

The question remains how long can Walker get away with this?

How about coming back from Nebraska, cut back on your time out of Wisconsin, and talking straight with the Wisconsin people?

We deserve nothing less.

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