Jan 12, 2018

Trump's Racist Shithole Comment Defines Modern Republicans

From Patrice Piard and a Hatian shithole comes art

A shithole is the home of the Republican Party

Madison, Wisconsin—In American politics, President* Trump's descent into racist vulgarity is as Republican as stopping women from deciding if they wish to bear children, a deliberation Republicans believe belongs to the state.

A deep pit of psychopathology is where modern Republican politics reside in the grand tradition of American white supremacy. Trump is simply less subtle and openly proud of the gutters in which he takes residence.

Variants of nigger jokes and rhetoric among self-loathing whites have always played well in Wisconsin for example, and without the specific support of the white supremacist vote, we would not have this lunatic in office today.

In 2018 Scott Walker seeks reelection.

Following the example of Gov. Tommy Thompson, (1987-2001), Walker may think himself a political savant in appealing to racist sentiment to get elected, but sounding racist dog whistles takes no more acuity than telling racist jokes and loudly musing those blacks should get a job and feed their own kids.


A shithole is the home of the Republican Party.

The slow-motion pogrom led by Trump, Ryan and assorted
billionaires. Victims are black and brown and white.
Image: George Grosz, God of War, 1940

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