May 24, 2017

Central Wisconsin Rep. Krug Stiffs Clean Water Group, Is No-Show with No Call

Clean water activists in Saratoga, Wisconsin fight for water
and oppose the siting of a proposed factory farm
Faced with preserving a way of life against economic and environmental devastation, a growing citizens' movement held a meeting this week to preserve and protect groundwater in central Wisconsin.

The featured speaker was State Rep. Scott Krug, (R-Nekoosa, Wisconsin). Krug did not show up at the meeting; Krug did not call.

Why would a sitting state representative treat his own constituents with such open contempt?

Krug runs political interference for the polluters and plunderers of Wisconsin waters. Krug often skips scheduled meetings.

Krug is also a champion for the proposed massive Wysocki factory farm in central Wisconsin that would devastate an entire region and imperil the new Sand Valley Golf Resort, some four miles south of the proposed industrial site.

From a May 23, 2017 email from factory farm fighter, Bruce Dimick of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin:

Hello All,

Bill Leichtnam, (Wood County, (Wisconsin), Supervisor, (Saratoga, Wisconsin)) and I attended today's meeting of the South-East Wood County Groundwater Group at the Saratoga Town Hall. This group of concerned citizens is meeting monthly to grapple with the groundwater issues of Wood County and surrounding communities in the Central Sands. The group is sanctioned by the Wood County Board and is chaired by Peter Manley.  

It includes farmers and Tamas Houlihan, of the WPVGA, (Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association), among others, so it is a diverse group.  If we are going to solve these water issues, we need to get all the stakeholders involved.

Frequently we have an expert speaker as the focal point for the meeting.  Representative Scott Krug was scheduled to be our featured speaker today. The topic was "Recent Groundwater Legislation".   As many of you know Rep. Krug was a key driving force behind the recent passage of Senate Bill 76/ Assembly Bill 105 which removes further restrictions on High Capacity Wells. Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors took a strong stand against this bill as did most of the pro-environment groups throughout the state.

So, we were quite anxious to hear what Rep. Krug had to say in defense of this legislation which many of his constituents opposed.

Surprise! Surprise! Rep. Krug did not show up and did not bother to call Peter Manley to say he was not coming.

Actually I don't think anyone in the room was surprised that Rep. Krug did not show up. He has a reputation for stiffing his constituents.

Bruce Dimick
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