Aug 25, 2014

Rep. Scott Krug Is No-show at August Groundwater Summit; "Unannounced absence"

State Rep. Scott Krug is not fit
for public office
Wisconsin State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) would promise everyone the Chicago Cubs are going to win the National League Pennant if Krug thought he could pull off this latest con job, amid a string of broken promises

Saratoga Concerned and Rome Saratoga Friendly are two citizens' organizations in Wood and Adams counties opposing a proposed massive concentrated agricultural feeding operation (CAFO), high capacity water wells given out like candy to anti-environmental corporations and liquid manure spraying.

The two groups were formed in 2012 when the Wysocki 'Family' of Companies informed the Town of Saratoga and other municipal governments that Wysocki would be building a massive CAFO that would produce between 50 to 60-million gallons of liquid cow manure every year [about the equivalent of a city of 100,000 people) but with no wastewater treatment plant, just vague nutrient runoff plans.

Scott Walker and the Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp (appointed by Walker) have announced repeatedly since 2011 their intentions to clear the way for CAFOs and Frac sand operations, without regard to the cumulative health and environmental consequences.

Continuing their work members of Saratoga Concerned and Rome Saratoga Friendly held attended a Groundwater Summit this last weekend in Almond, Wisconsin in Portage County at the Camp Helen Brachman grounds, along the shore of Pickerel Lake State Natural Area in central Wisconsin. The event was sponsored by the Central Sands Water Action Committee.

State Sen. Julie Lassa (D-Stevens Point) and State Rep. Katrina Shankland (D-Stevens Point) both made good on their scheduled attendance and spoke with the crowd.

State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) stiffed the crowd, not showing up as scheduled, with no call or explanation for his absence.

Typical Krug, a cynical and corrupt politician working with Big Ag to vector liquid cow manure into streams, lakes and aquifers with tragic consequences, getting worse.

From Criste Greening of Wisconsin Rapids and Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors:

August Groundwater Summit

This was a key environmental conference held at Camp Helen Brachman in Almond this past Saturday with the primary emphasis being on protecting our ground and surface waters here in the Central Sands.  Three of our local politicians were invited to attend and scheduled to speak at the conference, they were: Julie Lassa, Scott Krug, and Katrina Shankland.  Both Rep. Lassa and Rep. Shankland made the event and spoke frankly with the 80-100 individuals in attendance regarding groundwater concerns. Unfortunately Rep. Krug did not show and did not relay to the organizers any reasons for his unannounced absence. Thank you to the members of our small group for being apart of our larger state network and representing our area interests at the Groundwater Summit. [emphasis added]
Scott Krug is making a name for himself breaking promises.

Elected in 2010, Krug promised "never" to accept "one cent" of per diem payments from the taxpayer, and then Krug broke this campaign promise after realizing he would not paid per diem payments that he promised never to accept.

"My first spending cut is promising not to collect one cent of (legislative) per diem money ever," Krug told the Wisconsin State Journal in 2010. Krug then proceeded to rake in "$10,560 for 120 days of work in Madison. That comes on top of his salary of $49,943 per year." (Bice, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; May 2, 2104)

Krug also promised that he would serve two terms, and that's it. Krug told a League of Women's Voters forum on October 20, 2010, saying: "I'm for real. ... I'm putting a term limit on myself right now for all the audience out there listening. Four years — done. Whoever else wants to come along, more than fine." (Bice, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel; May 12, 2014)

Running now for his third term, Krug is breaking his two-term-only promise.

Last week, after I pointed out how corrupt and cynical Krug is and how he betrays his constituents by pushing policies that toxify lakes, streams and aquifers, Krug vowed to file a libel suit against me unless I retracted this linked post—Citizen Ystad Hits Sacred Cow, the Dairy Business Association, as Wisconsin Lakes Perish—and after I refused Krug backed down, ridiculed among political journalists all over Wisconsin media.
The Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin)
on Scott Krug's foolish attempt to
silence criticism

I asked a longtime resident of Wood County what is Krug's deal, and the resident told me, "Krug is like a child, and prone to tantrums when criticized."

Two days later, Krug said he is coming out against the  proposed massive Wysocki CAFO and new high capacity water permits draining the region's lakes and streams, after almost three years of refusing to take a position on this highly charged local issue with national implications.

Krug refused to expand his new position and come out against existing CAFOs in or near his assembly district, and refused to take a position on liquid cow manure spraying, the culprit behind the recent ordered closure of area beaches because of massive levels of Ecoli.

As this site has noted, opposing the Wysocki CAFO is better than telling Wysocki CAFO opponent, Nancy Koch, to "quit your bitching," as Scott Krug said on July 19, 2012 at a special Saratoga Town Board meeting drawing 100s of people held at the Wisconsin Rapids Performing Arts Center.

"It's obvious that the real reason for Representative Krug's sudden opposition to the CAFO in Saratoga and its high capacity wells has more to do with his floundering campaign than the high e coli levels in Nepco Lake and Lake Wazeecha," said Dana Duncan, Democratic Assembly Candidate for the 72nd assembly district now held by Krug. "For nearly three years local residents have vocally expressed their opposition to this project and up until now my opponent has refused to take a position on this critical local issue.

"This sudden change of heart on this critical local issue by my opponent is just a cynical attempt to distract voters from the fact that he has been wrong on this issue for nearly three years. This isn't leadership; this is simply a bold-face attempt at political manipulation. First, per diem, then term limits; how many other positions will he change to try to win this election?" 

When one hears Scott Krug, not much is clear beyond the fact Krug is untrustworthy and not fit for office.

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