May 2, 2017

Will Proposed Ag Factory Torpedo Resort in Central Wisconsin

Sand Valley Golf Resort opened in May in central Wisconsin
Residents in central Wisconsin celebrating the grand opening of the Sand Valley Golf Resort in northern Adams County know May is pivotal in the regional effort to promote recreation and tourism.

Not only does May highlight a milestone of the years-long resort project, (Shuda, Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune), a critical decision will be made that could effectively kill the project and ruin central Wisconsin.

On May 13, the Wysocki corporation will have decided whether to appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court a legal decision that threatens to halt plans to create a massive factory farm just a few miles north of Sand Valley.

The planned Golden Sands Dairy, (LLC), CAFO, for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, makes as much sense as siting a pond hazard composed of millions of gallons of liquid cow manure on every hole in the two courses.

As Don Ystad of Adams County Wisconsin who has been promoting tourism and recreation for years writes:

Take a step back from the politics of this situation and ask yourself, 'what is best for the state of Wisconsin?  Another CAFO sited, or the preservation and growth of an existing, vibrant area, poised to be the 'golf mecca of the Midwest?'

Unfortunately, the Wysocki CAFO has the political support of local State Rep. Scott Krug, (R-Nekoosa) and State Sen. Patrick Testin, (R-Stevens Point). These politocs have already chosen Big Ag over everything else, including Sand Valley.

Ironic is the fact Krug was out rah-rahing Sand Valley while running political interference
for the last five years for Big Ag and Wysocki, the biggest threats to the resort.

Residents reached today are unanimous: C'mon, Krug, Testin, and Wysocki, don't screw this up.

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