Nov 3, 2016

Hillary Is Sealing off Trump's Paths to 270

Hillary Clinton will win, but do not relax

Update: North Carolina's population has been assaulted like no other by the Repulbican Party. The people are fighting back and propelling Hillary Clinton to a likely victory over Trump. See Cohn, NYT.
Hillary Clinton has taken out ad buys in Wisconsin and other blue states, hence this must mean Clinton is losing ground fast, goes the wisdom of the moment.

It's not wisdom, and such meaning as this line possesses is false or misleading.

Buying ads in northern blue states is common sense because Hillary's goal is to reach 270 electoral votes and block Donald Trump's paths to 270.

Assume a melt-down unprecedented in modern American presidential politics that sees Trump winning Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Florida on Election Night.

In this scenario Trump's path forward to 270 goes through Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump's path is blocked in Illinois and Minnesota. By the way, Scott Walker is not going to propel Trump to victory in Wisconsin.

Failing to win Wisconsin and Michigan, then Trump must seek another path and win Nevada and New Mexico, or Colorado, if Trump is to reach 270 electoral votes. The west coast and Hawaii are no-go for Trump.

So increased Democratic Party attention in Nevada, New Mexico or Colorado is also not a sign of impending Clinton collapse. It's another obstruction blocking Trump's path to 270.

As is flipping a red state like Arizona.

Nate Silver's still shows Clinton blocking Trump in the blue firewall states.

This electoral situation does not suggest complacency; anything but.

It means Clinton will win; or if most put forth a tiny bit of effort then Clinton will win in a landslide.

Writes David Leonhardt today in the NYT: "... through all of the campaign’s ups and downs, Clinton has never trailed, whether you look at state polling or national polling averages. Most of the poll fluctuations stem from people’s waxing and waning enthusiasm about responding to polls, based on the news surrounding their preferred candidate."

So breathe deeply. And do what you can do between now and Tuesday."

Breathe deeply and add to Clinton's immense advantage in the state ground games by doing something.

Then on Election Night, open a bottle of your favorite beverage and know you helped defeat this cretin. For your emotional health, check out VoteCastr on Election Day and watch the live, slow-motion defeat of this fascist lunatic.

In the meantime, go to Hillary's site and do or give something. For an anxiety-blocking bit of news, know the early voting in Florida looks great for Hillary's defeat of Trump. Without Florida, Trump has no path forward to 270.

And if you note the dearth of news assuring a Clinton victory, know this is simply because no one wants to add to people becoming complacent.

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