Jul 21, 2016

Scott Walker Hires Who Embezzled from Veterans Haunt RNC Talk

Scott Walker still does not particularly care about his friends he hired stealing from military veterans.

Walker cares about his friends' getting caught.

From Charles P. Pierce in Esquire:

I had forgotten all the reasons why Scott Walker never even made it to the Iowa caucuses, dropping out, you may recall, so that he could help the Republican Party stop the barbarian with the combover. They all came back when he came bounding out and grabbed a hand mic. Geez, I thought, maybe he's going to give us his hard five minutes. Instead, employing his Big Boy tenor, he once again recited all those arguments that made him invisible during that part of the campaign when he was actually participating in it. This is what he said.

'We made a solid commitment to support our veterans with health-care and everything else they need once they get home…If Hillary Clinton were any further inside, she'd be in prison.'

Saith the man who once employed a dude who literally stole money meant to take war widows and war orphans to the zoo and used it to go on vacation, and who then ended up really, really inside.

Tim Russell, Scott Walker and Brian Pierick
"Don't think for a minute that Walkergate
or its effect will end ... ."
From - Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky United States Army (28 January 1968 to 22 Oct 1970) Company A, 27th Combat Engineers 28 August 68 to June 69 Crew Chief/Door Gunner 240th Assault Helicopter Company Mad Dog Huey Gunships (UH-1C Hueys) In-Country, South Vietnam (28 August 68 to 22 October 70):

"The following award is being presented to Scott Walker, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell for actions BELOW and INFERIOR AGAINST VETERANS: The Distinguished RAT." 

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