May 28, 2012

Honor the Fallen and the Living by Tossing out a Rat Bastard

Scott Walker - Rat, Puke and other things
Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky said it best about Scott Walker's condoning aides, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell, embezzling from veterans and their families.

 "The following award is being presented to Scott Walker, Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell for actions BELOW and INFERIOR AGAINST VETERANS: The Distinguished RAT."

United States Army
(28 January 1968 to 22 Oct 1970)
Company A, 27th Combat Engineers
28 August 68 to June 69
Crew Chief/Door Gunner
240th Assault Helicopter Company
Mad Dog Huey Gunships (UH-1C Hueys)
In-Country, South Vietnam (28 August 68 to 22 October 70)

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