May 26, 2012

Debate Shows Walker's Lies, Broadcasters' Impotence

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association sponsored the Tom Barrett-Scott Walker debate (what passes for a political debate now-a-days) and demonstrated precisely how Scott Walker could be elected governor in the first place.

The dumbed-down, fact-free zone that is local broadcast TV and radio, with few notable exceptions, is the perfect terrain for characters like Scott Walker to sneak in $millions into the political process; meet with billionaires and make promises; and then lie to the Wisconsin people with the assurance that local broadcast TV and radio will bury the political corruption.

The so-called debate, its questions, and its seconds-to-respond format, Barrett's admirable efforts aside, show up close and personal what the media has come to. It's already clear what Scott Walker is.

You want questions asked of our candidates, give me John Nichols, Ruth Conniff and Bill Lueders, and few hours for the candidates to answer.

Can't believe we hurried home last night to watch this tripe.

1 comment:

  1. Exactly. Moreover, these "debates" include virtually no actual debate. That would require give and take, several times over. Instead, we get one question, one answer, and we're on to the next question, with very little cross pollination. It's no wonder vacuous liars of the Walker sort thrive in what passes for a contentious, thorough airing of the issues on TV these days.