Jul 21, 2016

Cop Shoots Caretaker of Autistic Man Playing in the Street with Toy Truck

Dumb cop in North Miami shoots innocent man with hands
in air. Man is dressed in yellow shirt and black skin. Image
is from video seconds before dumb cop shoots black man.
(Miami Herald)
Another dumb cop shoots man
——————— Cop caught on cell phone video before he could
cook police report, lie his way out of shooting innocent man

In officer-involved shooting news this morning, an idiot with a badge shot a caretaker of an autistic man for being black.

The dumb cop used an assault rifle to shoot Charles Kinsey, (Miami Herald), after Kinsey tried to help an autistic man who wandered from a group home into an apparently deserted street in North Miami.

After being shot with the dumb cop's assault rifle, Kinsey asked the ass in blue, why. The cop replied, "I don't know."

The unidentified cop is on paid vacation, aka administrative leave, and will be cleared of any wrongdoing after an investigation is conducted by the Florida Office of State Attorneys.

A Florida website in the image below shows the State Attorney and staff attended a violence reduction meeting on November 18, 2105. The sub-headine reads: Miami-Dade Police Department.

Other municipalities are engaged in how-to-convince-the-police-not-to-shoot people clusterfucks, as many citizens now claim they should not be harassed, beaten, arrested, and killed.

No news on whether North Miami cops attended a violence-reduction meeting last year.

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