Jun 1, 2016

Trump Has Every Right to Speak Against Federal Judge

Donald Trump is engaged as a defendant in federal civil litigation, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel for the United States District Court for the Southern District of California presiding.

Trump feels aggrieved and wronged by Judge Curiel and has stated his objection in a press conference on political issues of the current presidential campaign of which Trump is the presumptive Republican Party nominee.

Trump has every right to so voice his opinions, no matter how crude, racist, unwise and ugly Trump's opinions are.

The liberty interests of the First Amendment exists for Donald Trump as it does for all of us.

Judge Curiel should so state his commitment to the First Amendment after calling into question Trump's right to speak without fear of judicial retaliation.


  1. And Scott Walker and his minions have every right to do everything you blog about here almost daily, including enabling Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

    Talk about jumpin' the shark...

    1. Defending the liberties of political and ethical enemies is rarely a popular enterprise. You apparently hold to the view that rightwingers enjoy no rights in voicing displeasure and insults at their perceived enemies. Your view has a long and storied history in the world—free speech for you but not for those with whom you disagree.

      RE. Walker and CAFOs, of course I defend their free speech rights, axiomatic. I do not defend ignoring the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine codifying the common ownership and duty to protect the waters of Wisconsin as natural resources to which all have legal claim, for example.

      Defending the rights of all is the basis of any coherent, palatable political activity that you evidently equate with 'jumping the shark.'

      Perhaps on reflection, you may come to appreciate why defending the liberties of those with whom you disagree is imperative. Call it a classical liberal thing.

  2. You are right. He has every right to utilize the very rights he has a problem with the media using. This will be the very first right he takes away as he enjoys his role as America's first dictator in the newly totalitarian dream of his.

    1. Indeed. We won't get there luckily, as Trump has stepped on too many establishment toes, has no ground game in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Fla., but Trump's totalitarian dreams will not be opposed by the majority of the populace who would gladly see the rights of the unorthodox and those with whom they may disagree.

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