Jun 4, 2016

NYT Finds an Independent Judiciary and Rule of Law

Update: Think federal judges cannot be the problem? Meet Andrew Hanen, United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, (SCOTUSBlog, Ballotpedia).
Here I was thinking corruption, ideology and cold-blooded dogma define the federal judicial branch, citizens litigating in federal court are at the mercy of a shake of the dice.

Adam Liptak and his editors at the New York Times have declared in the news columns that not only do we have an independent judiciary and the rule of law as defining features of the judicial branch, but Donald Trump, he of the many incoherent and bigoted rants, is a threat to same.

At least we enjoy an independent judiciary; that's a relief.

If a reader looks near the bottom of Liptak's some-1,800-word piece, she can find this: "Many of Mr. Trump’s statements about legal issues were extemporaneous and resist conventional legal analysis."

Still, Trump's candidacy is a threat. Interesting.

And no legal scholars were available for knocking down the thrust of Liptak's piece.

Here I am mistakenly thinking Trump is an unpolished lunatic but reflecting the mainstream of the Republican Party.

Thanks for sounding the alarm that Trump is something different, Mr. Liptak; was not aware how independent and incorruptible federal judges are.

Nor was it clear how vulnerable the judiciary is to the ravings of Donald Trump.

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