Jun 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders Vows to Fight, Clinton Toes Corporate Line

Bernie Sanders fights on, having denied Hillary Clinton
the requisite pledged delegates to clinch the
pre-convention nomination
The life-long social justice worker, Bernie Sanders and millions of Americans stopped the corporate media and the Democratic Party from installing Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee before the Democratic Convention.

That Clinton was halted from winning the requisite number of pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, (including the total from D.C. next week Clinton will have won less than 2,300 of the needed 2,382 pledged delegates), is a fact the corporate media avoids reporting.

That would be all of the corporate media and don't believe what you read, or hear on The Rachel Meadow Show, for example

Bernie Sanders and Clinton will vow for the votes of superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention the week of July 25. This is another fact you won't read or hear from the corporate media.

Some seven weeks is a long time in American politics, hence the desperate Clinton effort to be anointed as the presumptive nominee, while the FBI is investigating Clinton's Scott Walker-esque secret computer server, router and computers on which Clinton conducted official business while serving as Secretary of State, (2009-2013). A negative law enforcement report is difficult after the media confers presumptive nominee status.

The corporate media decided that although superdelegates are unpledged and can only cast their preference at the Convention, superdelegates will be polled and counted by the corporate media in anonymous journalistic conventions through secret contacts.

The corporate media is now the authority of establishing the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, not the Democratic National Committee, a practice this goes unchallenged and unquestioned in the corporate media.

"The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization – incredibly – conceals. The decisive edifice of superdelegates is itself anti-democratic and inherently corrupt: designed to prevent actual voters from making choices that the party establishment dislikes," notes Glenn Greenwald reporting facts that will also not be repeated by the corporate media, (The Intercept).

Sanders has vowed to fight on, as he should. "[W]e are going to take the fight for social, economic and racial justice to Philadelphia. We will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate," Sanders told 1,000s in Santa Monica last night.

Clinton, the Democratic Party's corporate establishment and the corporate media don't get it.

For Hillary Clinton, her lust for the nomination has been animated by a quest for power and ego which drove Clinton to support the segregationist Barry Goldwater, among other unsavory pursuits.

For Sanders, the nomination is simply a means to achieve the promise of social justice.

From the Sanders campaign:

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – To chants of “Bernie or Bust,” U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders told a roaring crowd of supporters on Tuesday that he will carry his White House campaign and their fight for a political revolution to this summer’s Democratic National Convention.

“The struggle continues,” he declared to the loudest cheers of the night in the climax of the speech.

He said he would campaign in next Tuesday’s final primary in Washington, D.C., the last contest in the nationwide series of primaries and caucuses that began last winter in Iowa and New Hampshire.

“Then we are going to take the fight for social, economic and racial justice to Philadelphia,” he told the 3,300 people packed inside an airplane hangar. “We will continue to fight for every vote and every delegate.”

The late-night crowd was dominated by young people who have been a major key to the success of Sanders’ campaign. “I am enormously optimistic about the future of our country when so many young people have come on board and understand that our vision of social justice, economic justice, racial justice and environmental justice must be the future of America,” the senator from Vermont told the rally.

He spoke about the upcoming general election and defeating Donald Trump. “Our campaign from day one has understand that we will not allow right-wing Republicans to control our government. And that is especially true with Donald Trump as the Republican candidate,” Sanders said. “The American people in my view will never support a candidate whose major theme is bigotry who insults Mexicans, who insults Muslims and women and African Americans. We will not allow Donald Trump to become president of the United States.”

But he said the grassroots campaign that gave him victories in 22 states has another goal.

“Our mission is more than just defeating Trump it is transforming our country,” Sanders said. That mission includes ending wealth and income inequality and junking the corrupt campaign finance system that props up a rigged economy. “Democracy is not about billionaires buying elections.” He said it includes reforming the criminal justice system, breaking up big bans, providing health care as a right to all citizens, reforming our broken immigration system and making the billionaires and profitable corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

“What this is about is millions of people from coast to coast knowing that we can do much, much better as a nation,” Sanders said. “Our fight is to transform this country and to understand that we are in this together, understand that all of what we believe is what the majority of American people believe and to understand that the struggle continues.”

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