Jun 8, 2016

Madison, Wisconsin Police Chief Is Just Another Racist Cop

Matthew Braunginn has the story at Madison365.com.

Writes Braunginn:

Chief Koval is not fit to be Madison’s police chief. Or anyone’s police chief.

I am a member of the Police Policy and Review Ad-Hoc committee, initiated by Madison’s elected Common Council to conduct a thorough review of the Madison Police Department. A police department that holds the largest arrest ratios, 11-1, in the nation between its black and white citizens, in a city that is among the best places to live if you are white, but one of the worst places to live if you are black.

Koval’s latest blog post shows him to believe that the Madison Police Department is beyond oversight, review, and criticisms, even though he likes to state it is the opposite.

What is it about cops today?

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