Jun 7, 2016

Support Bernie Sanders, Hope Insider Dems Come to Their Senses

Hillary Clinton is hopelessly corrupt and out-of-touch

Now is the time to support Bernie Sanders and work up to the Democratic Convention, the week of July 25, to help super-delegates come to their senses. Super-delegates are unbound and cannot vote until the Convention.

The media has anointed Hillary Clinton after the corporate media conducted secret phone calls with Clinton super-delegates yesterday, which both the media and the super-delegates will not disclose in detail. Notes Gleen Greenwald:

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Superdelegates Declare Winner Through Media
Last night, Associated Press – on a day when nobody voted – surprised everyone by abruptly declaring the Democratic Party primary over and Hillary Clinton the victor. The decree, issued the night before the California primary in which polls show Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a very close race, was based on the media organization’s survey of 'superdelegates': the Democratic Party’s 720 insiders, corporate donors and officials whose votes for the presidential nominee count the same as the actually elected delegates. AP claims that superdelegates who had not previously announced their intentions privately told AP reporters that they intend to vote for Clinton, bringing her over the threshold. AP is concealing the identity of the decisive superdelegates who said this.


This is the perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Party primary: The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization – incredibly – conceals. The decisive edifice of superdelegates is itself anti-democratic and inherently corrupt: designed to prevent actual voters from making choices that the party establishment dislikes. But for a party run by insiders and funded by corporate interests, it’s only fitting that their nomination process ends with such an ignominious, awkward and undemocratic sputter.

Clinton accepted the latest attempt to impose a corporate-owned subsidiary onto the United States, after feigning surprise. Typical deceitful Hillary Clinton. You don't have to settle for a Clinton.

From the Bernie Sanders campaign:

Tuesday marks the largest set of primaries and caucuses in the Democratic nomination process with six states voting for president and 694 pledged delegates up for grabs.

Pundits and the political press want to call this race early before every last person votes. That threatens to suppress voter turnout in New Jersey, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and New Mexico. But we’re not going to let that happen. On Tuesday, we’re going to defy the pundits once more and reach for the kind of high voter turnout that will again shock the establishment.

We won’t settle for the status quo. We won’t settle for a rigged economy held in place by a corrupt system of campaign finance. We won’t settle for a fossil fuel industry hell-bent on harming our planet to pad their profits. We won’t settle for a health system that doesn’t cover everyone. In California, a high voter turnout won’t just mean a victory for our movement.

With large numbers of young people hitting the polls, we’ll boost so many Democrats in major primaries that right-wing Republicans will be locked out of general election ballots for some of the most important House and Senate races of the fall.

Members of the media and political establishment may have anointed Secretary Clinton from day one, but we know that this race is going to carry on until the delegates cast ballots at the convention in Philadelphia.

We should let the voters decide who they want the Democratic nominee to be rather than having the media decide for them. I am asking you to continue to stand with Bernie in pushing for the political revolution.

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