May 27, 2016

Industrialized Agriculture Equals Greed, Says Central Wisconsin

'We will push back at every turn, we will put every available road block in their path, we will stage the biggest, most public, most aggressive, fight possible to stop this Factory Farm from entering our community'

Most people have never heard of the town of Saratoga in Wood County, or the town of Rome in Adams County or the Tri-Lakes Management in Nekoosa, Wisconsin.

Even as socially conscious residents work to promote their communities' recreational and tourism attractions, there is a predator in Central Wisconsin, the so-called Wysocki Family of Companies.

Wysocki wants to build a massive CAFO, (Confined Agriculture Feeding Operation), and literally poison its neighbors while the Wysocki family lives far away from its industrialized pollution.

Entire communities are fighting Wysocki.

By Criste Greening of Saratoga Concerned


I hesitate to even waste my time with this post. However, in response to trolls who have hit our site commenting on our videos, I feel it is important the TRUE Family Farmers who are with us in this fight hear from us once again how appreciative we are of their support and ethical farming practices. Including, and most importantly, our appreciation for the healthy stewardship of the lands they work. Large or small a TRUE family farmer cares about his animals, his lands, and the community in which he resides. We appreciate and thank these folks immensely.

TRUE family farmers do not lock their animals up on concrete slabs never allowing them to see the light of day, decreasing their life span immensely. Yes, they use manure to fertilize their soils and keep them healthy. They do not use manure that is loaded with toxic chemicals from footbaths, cleaning residue from hundreds of milk trucks, & industrial waste. Yes - industrial waste, which is everything from mill sludge, factory by product, to the blood, guts, and pauch of slaughterhouse animals - all dumped in the lagoons to rot and liquefy.

So for those of you that are claiming this is ORGANIC manure in the videos, please check your facts. We know 10% of lagoon content can contain these things listed above. Let’s not forget the 167 pathogens found in that liquid manure. Not to mention the over abundance of antibiotic residue that works its way through the animal system. When you pack 4000 animals all in the same location it is inevitable that they need to be protected from disease, so don’t even try to tell me they are not treated “just in case” as a preventative measure even when not sick. Manure from Industrialized AG facilities is of much different “content” than manure from a TRUE family farm. So let’s not insult folks by calling their byproduct ORGANIC.

Additionally, TRUE family farmers do not attempt to move into an established recreational and residential community of 5400 people adjacent to a high tourist area and dump a CAFO holding 6300 animal units in its midst. A TRUE family farmer does not come in and clear cut 8000 acres of forested property to grow crops for the poor animals that will never see the light of day, all so they can produce a shit ton of milk when milk consumption is down 43% already with no projection of going up! A TRUE family farmer does not petition the DNR initially for 49 HCW to grow these crops which will need 24/7 irrigation because they are trying to grow them in SAND. 7.3 BILLION GALLONS OF WATER FROM THE AQUIFER EVERY YEAR!

That is not farming - that is GREED.

The Wysocki “Family” of Companies is by no means a “Family” farm. Not only do they have federal violations for killing migratory birds, they have been caught stacking manure in unpermitted locations, as well as caught winter spreading. Not to mention the monitoring wells in the area around their current CAFO that measure 77 mg/L in nitrate contamination, AND the fact that they have bought people out of their homes due to the constant aerial spraying of manure and water contamination in personal wells. People around their current facility can not even drink or bath in the water coming out of their own faucets.

But you are right WE are the ignorant ones.

You can call us anything you would like, you can continue to troll our Facebook page and make rude and uneducated comments, that is your choice, I will not waste my time deleting them. The bottom line is the Wysocki Family of Companies is a business of GREED. We do not blame the folks working for them who are holding a job to put food on their family table. Unfortunately though, they are the ones caught in the cross hairs of our video and pictures. You don’t see the Wysocki’s out there working the land like a TRUE family farmer!

So, say whatever you wish on this site. WE WILL continue to oppose this monstrosity to our community. We will continue every day having folks out at any location necessary documenting all activity, legal and illegal. We will continue to have our home water test completed every year, and continue to monitor our streamflow monthly and check its chemical content. We will push back at every turn, we will put every available road block in their path, we will stage the biggest, most public, most aggressive, fight possible to stop this Factory Farm from entering our community.


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