Jul 8, 2014

Retired Wisconsin Resident Blasts Nightmare CAFO Factory Farm

The Golden Sands region of Wisconsin -
To be saved, or destroyed by CAFOs

Update II: "Numerous businesses in Rome are concerned. These include the golf courses, trap shooters, snowmobile and ATV groups, and restaurants and bars," said a citizen of Wisconsin Rapids.

Update: "On July 16, 2013, the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Shooting Complex in the Town of Rome, Adams County." Wonder how these guys like drained lakes, befouled waters, and the smell  and health effects of tons of cow manure.

Central Wisconsin tourism under assault by massive factory farms (CAFOs)

'Thanks to James Wysocki's dishonest half-truths, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn about the horrors of CAFOs, and the damage they do to the environment.'

Patt Pisellini is a retired resident of the town of Rome in Wood County, Wisconsin.

Was retired.

Residents, tourists, and other visitors to the central Wisconsin "Golden Sands" region describe the natural beauty of the region, typified by the Wood County's parks, rivers, many lakes, and county forest land, and wildlife. And groundwater.

Ms. Pisellini's retirement has been cut short by the invasion of the massive Wysocki corporation factory farm or (CAFO) concentrated [formerly "confined"] agricultural feeding operation, that likely will dry up many area lakes, and befoul the streams, lakes, groundwater and several adjacent watersheds with some 150 pathogens, a predictable consequence, much worse than what the sociopathic Wysocki already inflicts onto Wisconsin.

Pisellini is speaking out, along with many area residents of Wood County and the surrounding region.

And Ms. Patt Pisellini has not even addressed the health catastrophes of CAFOs, but James Wysocki (registered agent of numerous CAFOs) doesn't care; he lives far away from his CAFOs and the massive CAFO he proposes for Wood, Portage, Adams and Juneau counties in central Wisconsin.
"The present system of producing food animals in the United States is not sustainable and [CAFOs present] an unprecedented level of risk to public health and damage to the environment ... ."
Robert Martin, Director of the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

By Patt Pisellini, resident, Town of Rome, Wisconsin

Thank you Jim Wysocki, for giving my retirement a purpose. 

Thank you for relieving me of the monotony of relaxing on the beach and enjoying the ambience of the pristine waters of Lake Sherwood (Rome, Wisconsin). 

Thank you for eliminating the chore of taking our pontoon out for an afternoon of fishing ad quiet conversation. 

Thank you for taking me away from the mindless evenings spent watching television, and replacing them with hours spent at my computer doing research, days spent sitting through legislative meetings, and endless hours listening to testimony stemming from lawsuits attempting to prevent CAFO projects like yours from destroying our groundwater.

Thank you for replacing the boredom of just sitting in my porch swing and doing nothing, with tension filled days, and sleepless nights filled with worry of what could happen if your CAFO project is allowed to continue.

Thanks to your thoughtlessness, I don’t have to spend my days puttering in my garden, playing with my grandchildren, or sitting on my patio chatting with neighbors.  

Thanks to your lawsuits (Wysocki sues local governments and elected officials who try to stop his CAFOs), and legislative lobbying, I have been able to utilize a costly education in public policy analysis that I probably never would have had the chance to use. 

Thanks to your callous disregard for the environment, I will no longer need to appreciate the beauty of a simple walk in the woods; discover the intricate markings on a butterfly’s wing; or listen to lilting sound of songbirds in the trees.

I won’t have to work so hard to save endangered species living on the 8,000 acres of forest you plan to destroy - they’ll be gone forever - replaced with endless miles of manure-covered crops.

Thanks to your dishonest half-truths, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn about the horrors of CAFOs, and the damage they do to the environment.  Without your potentially poisoning proposed project, I might have languished in the thought that my home was safe, my health was secure, and my grandchildren were protected.  Thanks to your mean-spirited attempts to demean me and my friends as “environmental activists”, I have developed a new pride in the work we are doing to educate the public on the importance of preserving and protecting nature.

This has been quite an adventure.  

In all my 70 years of life, I have never seen such selfish, self-serving attempts to surreptitiously rewrite laws designed to protect our God given right to water.  

Because of your complete disregard for people, I have discovered the power of love can bind a community together.  Without the fear and intimidation,  I never would have made so many good friends in neighboring towns, and met so many wonderful environmentalists willing to work long hours to prevent the damage your dairy may do.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and I sincerely hope and pray you are compensated in kind, in your retirement.

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