Mar 6, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Should Suspend Her Campaign Now

Hillary Clinton has unfavorable v. favorable ratings of minus-14 points, (Huffington Post).

The American people have lingering trust issues with Hillary Clinton.

The critical 18-29 demographic think Clinton is corrupt and dishonest.

So, naturally the DNC and surrogates today are blaring March 15 is the day we get-behind-Hillary Clinton, no matter that most of United States would not have voted including New York, most of the north and the west coast, (Democratic Strategist).

Why the rush? Why call for excluding most Democratic-voting citizens in their right to choose their president.

Because the Democratic Party primary map from March 15 forward is Bernie Sanders-favorable, and the probe of the "FBI Director James Comey, an experienced prosecutor and consummate professional with some 100-150 agents investigating the Democratic front-runner, the Clinton Foundation, and (presumably) several of Hillary’s closest aides: Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan," continues (Lipson, Real Clear Politics) and will eat at Hillary trust issues.

In May 2008 Hillary's ambitions led her to a different conclusion: "Hillary Rodham Clinton says she will remain in the presidential race 'until there's a nominee,'" (Huffington Post).

So what is the surrogates' song in 2016, (Hillary won't say it herself), that all Democrats and progressives must jump on general election footing behind Hillary.

One reason to get behind Hillary is it would be very difficult for the FBI and U.S. DoJ to release the results of the probe, or prosecute, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for any crimes.

Hillary Clinton can put all of this to rest in two ways: One, issue a statement that the Democratic Primary must continue until there's a nominee.

Two, do the best the thing for country and suspend her campaign now and save the republic a lot of trouble.

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