Mar 5, 2016

Dem Insiders Pushing Coronation Against Reality

Democratic Party primary delegate totals from 2008 show similar
numbers to 2016. Chart by James Rotering of Wisconsin
Update: Daily Kos wants all to rally around the neocon, Wall Street-flunky, and TPP-advocating Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton by March 15.

Kos in a posting this weekend also lays out rules amounting to no not-approved criticism of Hillary for its site.

And pay no mind to Bernie Sanders outperforming the underwater Hillary in the general election.
Kos can jam it.
See also Hillary does the work of the oligarchs, instilling hopelessness, discouraging thinking and constraining demands of the people, (The Politics of Hopelessness).
As Hillary Clinton implausibly pushes the message the Democratic Primary for the nominee for the presidency is over, voting in the Democratic Party primary is falling off.

As the chart at top indicates, the race, to borrow a football analogy, is in the first quarter if actual people are the measure.

The national delegate map shows most of the northern United States, the entire west coast and that large segment of folks in the northeast  called New York have yet to vote.

So it's odd to read the apparent puzzlement of Democrats over declining Democratic voter totals as "2.6 million fewer Democrats voted in the first 15 primaries and caucuses," (NPR).

To Queen Hillary, not so fast. Let voters
decide, and pass the word to the DNC
Party insiders should put a lid on it.
It may be the Democratic National Committee's attempted rigging the presidential primary to coronate Hillary Clinton is a factor in declining voter interest in an election cycle unlike any other in modern U.S history.

The editor of Wisconsin's progressive daily newspaper is repeating, for reasons surpassing understanding, his November 2015 call for all Democratic-voting citizens to "get real," and fall in line behind the neocon, Wall Street, TPP-advocating (for it before she was against it, (CNN)), lock-up-the-'super-predators' queen.

It may also be that a critical demographic—the 18-29 year-old voters—whom Bernie Sanders is dominating should be assured their votes will count and will not be overridden by superdelegates, party insiders who may yet screw this race up.

It's anecdotal but nevertheless this 18-29 generation to an extent greater than others sees the system, understandably, as inherently corrupt. It is.

Whether Democratic Party insiders are contemplating cutting ties to Clinton because the "U.S. Justice Department has given immunity from prosecution to a State Department employee who helped set up and manage the private email server Hillary Clinton used for her work as secretary of state," (Goldman, Post), sending the message to voters the race is over, (as against reality), is pretty fracking stupid.

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