Mar 29, 2016

Scott Walker Bows to Stop-Trump Movement

Wisconsin Republicans have joined the stop-Donald Trump movement.

Following an anti-Trump editorial in this morning's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and a Trump appearance on Milwaukee talk radio, the Charlie Sykes show, met with hostility towards Trump, Scott Walker said he too is endorsing Trump's opponent, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

Walker's endorsement comes eight days after early voting began. Early in-person absentee voting began on March 21 in Wisconsin. Election Day in April 5.

Reports Ben Kamisar at The Hill:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in an effort block Donald Trump in next week’s primary.

Walker on Tuesday called Cruz 'a principled constitutional conservative who can win.'
A note to readers: Scott Walker is not a student of the United States Constitution.

Forty-two Republican delegates are at stake in Wisconsin, (270 to win), awarded by congressional district and the winner of the state.

Reports the Green Papers on Wisconsin
Republican delegate allocation:

Tuesday 5 April 2016: All 42 of Wisconsin's delegates to the Republican National Convention are allocated to presidential contenders in ... Wisconsin Presidential Primary.

  •  24 district delegates are to be allocated to presidential contenders based on the primary results in each of the 8 congressional districts: each congressional district is assigned 3 National Convention delegates and the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in that district will receive all 3 of that district's National Convention delegates. [Republican Party of Wisconsin Constitution Article X Section 5.]
  • 18 at-large delegates (10 base at-large delegates plus 5 bonus delegates plus 3 RNC delegates) are to be bound to the presidential contender receiving the greatest number of votes in the primary statewide. [Republican Party of Wisconsin Constitution Article X Section 6.]
Cruz enjoys a light advantage in recent polls.

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