Mar 31, 2016

On Wisconsin—Walker's Budget Mired in Disaster, Sanders Moves Ahead of Clinton

Donald Trump trashed Scott Walker over Wisconsin's declining fiscal health under Scott Walker, saying "[Walker] is not doing a good job ... ," (Vitali, NBC News).

Actually, Wisconsin's fiscal health is much worse; Jake the macro-Econ man, has the breakdown in a piece entitled, February revenues collapse, Wisconsin budget even more on the edge.

Meanwhile in the 2016 presidential Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders is plowing ahead of Hillary Clinton who has left Wisconsin for a fundraiser from the Wall Street crowd.

While Sanders was in Madison on Wednesday for several appearances including a town hall meeting, Clinton was scheduled to be in New York City at a fundraiser hosted by former Morgan Stanley Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat.

Sanders' campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, noted the candidates' divergent approaches in an email to supporters on Wednesday. 'Hillary Clinton left the campaign trail for yet another high-dollar fundraising event on Monday,' he wrote, 'but she shared some news about the state of the race that we agree with: she said the trail to the Democratic nomination 'goes through Wisconsin.' (Fulton, Common Dreams).
Also worrying is the uber-hawk, Hillary Clinton.

In the Huffington Post, Oliver Stone sets the record straight on Hillary Clinton and her foreign policy  earning Clinton elsewhere the moniker, the Queen of Chaos.

Notes Stone:

Hillary’s record includes supporting the barbaric 'contras' against the Nicaraguan people in the 1980s, supporting the NATO bombing of the former Yugoslavia, supporting the ongoing Bush-Iraq War, the ongoing Afghan mess, and as Secretary of State the destruction of the secular state of Libya, the military coup in Honduras, and the present attempt at 'regime change' in Syria. Every one of these situations has resulted in more extremism, more chaos in the world, and more danger to our country. Next will be the borders of Russia, China, and Iran. Look at the viciousness of her recent AIPAC speech (don’t say you haven’t been warned). Can we really bear to watch as Clinton 'takes our alliance [with Israel] to the next level'? Where is our sense of proportion? Cannot the media, at the least, call her out on this extremism? The problem, I think, is this political miasma of 'correctness' that dominates American thinking (i.e. Trump is extreme, therefore Hillary is not). 

Clinton's foreign policy is the same as the Cruz-Trump line, just delivered more delicately.

Clinton's domestic fiscal policy comes straight from Wall Street.

To the extent these facts are known, Clinton's political fortunes will decline.

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