Apr 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Her Support for the Nicaraguan Contras

What about it, Hillary Clinton: You agree Reagan's training and support for the Nicaraguan Contras were a disgrace and a human rights violation, correct?

Most who came of age during the age of Reagan, (1981-89), remember the creation of the CIA, the Nicaraguan Contras, remnants of the U.S.-supported dictator, Anastasio Somoza.

The Contras, a group of U.S.-financed terrorists went after soft targets—schools, daycare centers and healthcare facilities—and were among the most vile death squads in 1970s-80s Latin America, terrorists drawing bi-partisan but not unanimous American support, (Greenwald, The Intercept).

Among the supporters of the Contras were the politically ambitious Hillary and Bill Clinton, and last month at a debate Hillary Clinton sounded precisely like Ronald Reagan, (and not unlike Henry Kissinger), (Greenwald, The Intercept).

Love to see a question posed of Hillary asking if the Contras, Latin American death squads and dictators were repulsive terrorists that no decent American should have ever supported.

As noted by Glenn Greenwald after a March 10 debate co-sponsored by Univision, the Washington Post, and Facebook at Miami-Dade College:

Vehement opposition to Reagan’s covert wars in Central America, as well as to the sadistic and senseless embargo of Cuba, were once standard liberal positions. As my colleague Jeremy Scahill, observing the reaction of Clinton supporters during the debate, put it in a series of tweets: 'The U.S. sponsored deaths squads that massacred countless central and Latin Americans, murdered nuns and priests, assassinated an Archbishop. I bet commie Sanders was even against Reagan’s humanitarian mining of Nicaraguan waters and; supported subsequent war crimes judgment vs. U.S. Have any of these Hillarybots heard of the Contra death squads? Or is it just that whatever Hillary says must be defended at all costs? The Hillarybots attacking Sanders over Nicaragua should be ashamed of themselves.'

So, what about it, Hillary Clinton: You agree Reagan's support for the Nicaraguan Contras was a disgrace and a human rights violation, correct?

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