Mar 28, 2016

'Run Away'—Scott Walker Haunts State and National Republicans

When Scott Walker ran for the Republican nomination for the presidency, it didn't take long, (nine weeks), for the political world to discover Walker is a delusional, deceitful hick, before God "called" Walker back to Wisconsin.

Walker is toxic, and state and national candidates are using Walker as an example of what not to be.

"Now we focus our attention on Wisconsin, a state Governor Scott Walker has turned into ground zero for the fight for workers' rights, women’s rights, and voting rights," notes Bernie Sanders in a fundraising email today.

Hillary Clinton often brings up Walker when blasting Republicans running for the presidency.

Walker has not endorsed any Republican for president and I don't think any candidate wants his endorsement prior to the April 5 Wisconsin presidential primary, anymore than proposing to build a 5,525-mile wall between Canada and the U.S. as a policy initiative.

Write Daniel Bice and Mary Spicuzza in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning:

Gov. Scott Walker isn't on the ballot this spring.

But tell that to all of the candidates who seem to be running against Walker — or from him — in the lead-up to the April 5 election.

Left-of-center candidates and interest groups are using Walker's name and mug in TV and radio ads, fliers and even political debates in an effort to tie their opponents to the governor and his sinking approval ratings.

No matter what Walker says publicly he has lost the support of independents, and his favorable support remains in the 30s.

God may be calling Walker to contemplate upping his appearances on the national stage, (Berg, Real Clear Politics), observers guess, but few candidates are asking for Scott Walker's blessing.

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