Mar 26, 2016

Big Ag Polluters Endorse Rebecca Bradley for Wisconsin Supreme Court

Big Ag Wants Justice Who Takes Orders, Endorses Rebecca Bradley

Updated - The Dairy Business Association, (DBA), endorsed Rebecca Bradley for Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, (WisPolitics).

Despite how the DBA likes to portray itself, it works to gut and block laws protecting the Wisconsin people's water, and block local government control of communities that might pass ordinances to protect local families against polluters.

But the judiciary branch's work is the big prize.

The DBA is more accurately called the polluters' lobby.

In October 2014, the DBA endorsed Republican Brad Schimel for attorney general, (DBA press release). Schimel's work as AG on behalf of polluters, (especially Big Ag) has been unfaltering, (Wisconsin Public Television), following the work of his predecessor, J.B. Van Hollen, (Mal Contends).

The DBA expects the same performance from Bradley which is why Walker appointed this manifestly unqualified jurist.

Bradley has no judicial experience beside three political appointments by Scott Walker in three years, (Ballotpedia).

The DBA and other polluters are working law-by-law, court decision-by-court decision to change interpretation of the Wisconsin Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine, and are supporting Bradley's campaign in this pursuit.

The Public Trust Doctrine now is understood as follows: "the State of Wisconsin - through all branches of government - has an affirmative duty to protect and preserve these public trust waters," (Cain, Wisconsin Lakes Convention).

If Bradley is elected, Wisconsin's Constitution's Public Trust Doctrine will be litigated out of existence in accordance with the wishes of polluters who are depleting and polluting surface and groundwater, under the protection of Republican-passed laws and contrived court opinions.

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