Aug 20, 2015

Scott Walker—Screened Questions from Press, Lies, and Fades in Wisconsin

A desperate Scott Walker tanks in Wisconsin as favorability
rating falls into the 30s (Milewski, Capital Times)
"Was on Gov. Walker health plan press call. First time as a reporter I've ever had my questions pre-screened before I could ask them," said Stephanie Armour, The Wall Street Journal's health care policy reporter. (Byers, Politico) (Caffeinated Politics)

That mean Stephanie Armour was likely going to ask some public policy question of the erstwhile candidate for the presidency.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker's allies in the Wisconsin legislature want to exempt public integrity and public corruption crimes from Wisconsin's John Doe law that has been on the books since the 19th century (Opoien, Capital Times) (Berghahn, Hurley, Burish and Stanton)

Walker's favorability rating has dropped into the 30s in Wisconsin. (Milewski, Capital Times)

And Walker keeps on telling his made-up story on the stump about a teacher who has again requested Walker stop it. (Strauss, Washington Post)

Maybe Walker could ask the teacher to offer a lesson on the Fourteenth Amendment.

See why Walker avoids townhall-style, question-and-answer sessions, holding precisely zero as governor of Wisconsin?

Scott Walker is depicted at below-right:

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