Feb 20, 2014

Scott Walker Hides; Chris Christie Holds Town Meeting Question and Answer

Update: From the former office of Scott Walker: Walker Aide Uses the “C” Word.

The latest from Scott Walker's document central is that Walker is linked to the destruction of evidence. Other revelations are just as repulsive, keep updated at The Progressive Magazine.

Scott Walker is singing his Swan Song with a Tweet from an undisclosed location, as his competition for the most corrupt governor, Chris Christie, is holding a listening session and answering their questions.

Walker says he's off to D.C. to the National Governors Association meeting, while Chris Christie who is chair of the National Governors Association was in the Middletown Township in New Jersey today to face his constituents and answer their unscripted questions.

Christie has held 105 listening sessions; Scott Walker: ZERO. Christie is hostile, loud and often rude, but unlike Walker Christie answers the questions posed to him.

Walker's idea of a listening session is to talk to reporters by answering questions not asked, and then running away before a follow-up can be posed. Can anyone imagine Walker facing Wisconsin citizens and taking their questions in the same straight, direct manner that Christie handles the task?

Mary Bottari at PR Watch has an excellent piece out, The Top Five Things You Need to Know about the John Doe Emails.

Bottari finds more illegal fundraising, lies, coverups, and the fact that Scott Walker was in charge of the criminal enterprise of running a political campaign out of a public office.

"Repeated emails from Walker show that he was a hands-on manager of the 'inner circle,'" notes Bottari.

Check out her piece.

The more we find out about Scott Walker, the less credible he becomes, explaining perhaps why he is in hiding when he is in Wisconsin, (he refuses to post his public schedule) and why he spends so much time out of state.

Walker wants to run for office with the money he raises from D.C., Texas and New York, never having to explain to the Wisconsin people what he is doing to our state.

Here from PR Watch are the shots of the people convicted by John Doe 1, the people whose company Scott Walker kept in his criminal rise to power.

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