Mar 29, 2015

Retired Conservative Editor: Scott Walker Lied, Betrayed Wisconsin

"[Scott] Walker is an opportunist who is stepping on this trivial state, [Wisconsin], as he makes his way to the presidency. ... He’s betrayed you for something bigger and better and clearly planned to do so for some time."

The preceding sentence sums up the frustration and heartfelt betrayal of Pete Kennedy, former editor of the Waukesha Freeman (paid, restricted site), a rightwing paper in suburban Milwaukee.

Text of Kennedy's column is at Techno Blog.

Kennedy lets loose on Scott Walker for turning his back on Walker's stated commitment to create jobs, instead outright harming Wisconsin's economy in favor of a selfish run for president.

Kennedy's blasting of Walker comes as national conservatives are questioning Walker, and the national media reports Walker avoids town hall-style question-and-answer sessions with voters in favor of "rope lines" and "avoiding questions in public from prospective voters." (McCormick, Bloomberg).

Kennedy hits Walker not for falling asleep at the wheel on job creation, rather for making policy decisions that are killing jobs in cold-blood in a string of high-profile Walker moves Kennedy lists.

Walker is working to make his candidacy for the presidency more appealing to segments of the GOP's electorate in the Iowa presidential caucuses, and among voters in national GOP presidential primaries.

The Waukesha Freeman's editorial page is similar to the Wall Street Journal's in its hard-right political commitments. Waukesha County is the heart of Wisconsin Republicans, voting for Walker by a margin of 72 percent to 26 percent in the 2014 general election. (Politico)

As Scott Walker cross-crosses the globe, Walker's repeated stomping on job-creating opportunities has even this most-conservative of writers fed-up.

"[Walker] charges you for those 'trade missions,' too, and they can’t be cheap. How about a trade mission to Kenosha?," asks Kennedy.

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