Mar 31, 2015

Scott Walker Is Worried, Worried US Will Follow Wisconsin

After proposing to eviscerate Wisconsin in the state budget following the lacerations Scott Walker inflicted onto Wisconsin, Walker said he is "worried," DesmoinesDem notes at the premier political site on the eight-month run-up to the Iowa presidential caucuses.

Notes DesmoinesDem:

Jon Ward filed this report [yesterday] on a New Hampshire event featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
In a recent speech here, the Wisconsin governor used the word "worry" or "worried" 12 times in the space of 15 minutes.

'As a parent today, I'm worried. I'm worried for our country,' Walker told a few hundred conservative activists in a darkened amphitheater, standing in front of a red stage curtain. 'I'm worried about my sons and your sons and daughters, my nieces and your nieces and nephews and grandsons and granddaughters, and I'm worried that we're headed down that same path that worried me years ago in my own state.' [emphasis added]

Walker's message, just a few months into his nascent (and still unofficial) presidential campaign, has been largely a negative one. There is an undertone of testiness in his stump speech, leavened with chest-swelling machismo fueled by his defeat of a recall effort in 2012 and his re-election in 2014.

Scott Walker's M.O.—scream Worried, Broke and Corrupt and then get in, screw-up and run away fast. Look for more mentions of ISIS/ISIL from Walker as well.

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