Mar 25, 2015

American Rightwing Questioning Scott Walker

The rightwing is beginning to see Scott Walker is more craven and less principled than hoped.

Daniel Payne writing in the rightwing The Federalist calls out Scott Walker yesterday, and it has nothing to do about Walker secretly directing dark money contributions.

Payne writes about Walker's deep-sixing communications consultant Liz Mair.

"Mair’s departure, in other words, wasn’t about making 'people’s' lives better, it was more along the lines of making Scott Walker’s life better, and easier," writes Payne. "... [Walker's] response to Mair’s garden-variety opinion is disappointing and troubling, indicating that he’s less of a reformer than we thought, and less willing to take risks that might improve the country as a whole."

Eliana Johnson at the National Review Online writes, "Just a few months into the long 2016 primary campaign, the whispered doubts about whether Walker can successfully scale up are louder than ever."

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