Nov 17, 2014

Scott Walker: Time to Hit These Idiots (Citizens) with Taxes and Fees

Maybe Scott Walker can get
the old gang back together
Scott Walker—The tax man

Update: See also DOT: New fees, tax hikes totaling $750 million needed for roads (Marley, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Scott Walker did not issue a statement reading, 'the road builders gave me a lot of money, boyo; but he should have.'
Election Day is plus-13 days and Wisconsin is mired in a funk as Winter approaches.

Scott Walker says what better time to stick it to Wisconsin with new taxes and fees.

The list is as long as a Wisconsin winter in Ashland County.

Even as the brain drain accelerates in Wisconsin, Walker pretends to presidential aspirations for his personal financial gain, and criminal investigators in a cowardly maneuver want to torpedo their own investigation into Walker's criminal enterprise during the Recall elections in 2011-12.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin calls Scott Walker "bold" and the object of "affection." That would be Mike Tate, apparently the secret weapon of Scott Walker and the shittiest political operative in the United States.

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