Nov 15, 2014

America's Dairyland Is Sickened by Factory Farm CAFOs

In the beautiful tourist destination, Door County, a report has surfaced of seven people including a four-month-old infant sickened by Ecoli from a bovine source, likely liquid cow manure.

"A young family visiting Door County for a weekend in mid-September were the subject of a public health investigation when they returned to their Calumet County home and their four-month-old daughter came down with an illness that was identified as E. coli bacteria from a bovine source," writes Jim Lundstrom in the Peninsula Pulse.

Scott Walker has called for more mega dairies, CAFOs, that produce liquid cow manure by the millions of gallons annually and runs off into surface water and aquifers.

Walker wants less regulation and less protection for Wisconsin's waters.

"The dairy trend today is to raise animals as quickly as possible by-the-numbers just to fill the pool of short-lived animals that have limited lives on rations and drugs to produce their maximum in their short lives," notes Jerry Viste of Sturgeon Bay in northeastern Wisconsin. (Green Bay Press Gazette)

America's Dairyland is becoming the sickening site of an increasing number of operations where "animals are forced to stand, sleep and feed in their own urine and feces 24 hours a day, inhaling ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gasses into their lungs" as in Yakima Valley in Washington.

In central Wisconsin, meanwhile the fight continues against a proposed massive CAFO sited in the Town of Saratoga in Wood county where so many people are in opposition to this vile water-polluting obscenity that even the local GOP state rep had to pretend to be against the CAFO in a political fraud.


  1. What happens to our tourism industry when word gets out that you can become ill with E Coli when visiting famed Door County?