Nov 13, 2014

Joe Wineke Likely to Seek Chair of Wisconsin Democratic Party

Updated - Joe Wineke confirmed this morning on the Joy Cardin show (WPR) that he will likely seek the nomination of chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Wineke served as chair from 2005-09 and served in the state assembly and state senate.

"I've boiled it down to 14 words and three messages: Quit playing defense all the time. Message matters. And you can't beat somebody with nobody," said Wineke.

Wineke alluded to the fact that many Wisconsin legislative races featured no democratic candidates.

Asked point-blank if he'll run for chair next summer, Wineke said, "Oh, I probably will (run). I care deeply about the Democratic Party and the issues they stand for."

Wineke stressed the need for grassroots work.

"You don't win from the top-down," said Wineke.

Wineke is from Verona in Dane County, and is widely respected for his ability to strategically manage the political party that has been virtually swept by the GOP in non-presidential elections.

Joe Wineke is also known as a man who listens.

At the very end of the show, Wineke qualified he'll run if it's okay with his wife.

But it's a safe bet Joe would not be on the radio this week if his family were not on board.

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