Sep 29, 2014

Scott Krug Is Looking for Excuse to Back out of Oct. 6 Forum, Water Advocates Fear

State Rep. Scott Krug is not fit
for public office
Update: One reader writes that Scott Krug may now back out of next Monday's debate and this development will occur because of this post and me.

Absurd of course.

This is how much Scott Krug and the Dairy Business Association have some people cowed.

Krug would be cutting his own throat, and the GOP caucus does not want that. Krug takes orders.

Fear reigns among some constituents and this abuser of the environment who runs political interference for the destroyers of Wisconsin waters, is met by some who say: Please don't hurt us so badly.
Amid chatter among environmental citizens' groups in central Wisconsin, there is talk and fear that State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) will back out of an Oct. 6 forum with Dana Duncan (D-Port Edwards), a forum to which both candidates have already committed.

I sent the following email yesterday to both candidates: "Simple question on the record for you gentlemen: Are you going to be attending the October Six forum co-sponsored by Protect Wood County .... and Rome and Saratoga Friendly - no ifs, ands or buts?"

The Duncan campaign responded: "Of course we are. We look forward to it and relish the opportunity."

No reply from the Scott Krug campaign that has raised $Six figures but avoids public forums. [See also Rep. Scott Krug Is No-show at August Groundwater Summit; "Unannounced absence"]

Krug cannot think well on his feet, is on the wrong side of the pro-water, anti-CAFO issue, one press release 74 days before Election Day notwithstanding.

The October Six forum is sponsored by Saratoga Concerned and Rome Saratoga Friendly, two groups fighting for clean and healthy waters, and against the proposed massive Wysocki CAFO.

My email followed a similar email question sent Friday night from Nancy Koch, one of the most prominent opponents of the proposed CAFO and a constituent whom Scott Krug had publically sneered at, "quit your bitching," on July 19, 2012 when CAFO CEO James Wysocki spoke at a special Saratoga Town Board meeting drawing 100s of people so the meeting was held at the Wisconsin Rapids Performing Arts Center.

Koch had received several queries last week asking her if she felt Scott Krug will attend or cancel.

So Nancy Koch emailed Scott Krug:

From: Nancy []
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 7:52 PM
To: Rep.Krug; 'Dana Duncan'
Subject: just a courtesy confirmation

The Debate is just a short time away.  This E-mail is just a courtesy
confirmation regarding your attendance at the Debate on Oct 6th.  Please
respond with your
Commitment to this activity.   Thanks  Nancy

Ms. Koch did not receive a simple Yes or No from Krug.

Instead, Krug wrote: "Are you involved on the debate committee?" (Saturday, September 27, 2014 9:14 PM)

After Koch told Krug she was not on the "Debate Committee," Krug wrote "Criste [of the Debate committee] tells me she has relayed my commitment to you already." [Saturday, September 27, 2014 9:52 PM]

Getting a simple Yes or No from Krug has proven difficult.

I emailed Dana Duncan's campaign about Krug's disrespect to Nancy Koch, a constituent, and Krug's refusal to commit publically to the debate and to refuse to respond to a constituent.

Emailed Dana Duncan this morning: "I know he's looking for an excuse to back out. The question is whether he's so myopic that he does see the implications of withdrawing?"

Duncan refers to the money, work, time, time away from family that Krug's constituents and the two citizens' groups have given to organize this event.

"We don't understand this type of response to citizen involvement. Citizens are the cornerstone of democracy, anything other than respect is unacceptable," expanded Dana Duncan's campaign this morning in a phone call. "This type of disrespect is something we would never entertain if the voters of the 72nd Assembly District choose to elect Dana Duncan."

A phone call to Krug's office at the Capitol this morning went unanswered.

Why Scott Krug would not affirm unequivocally that Krug will meet his obligation is a mystery.

Some say Krug is simply unpleasant and feels he is under no obligation to answer a constituent's question.

I told several water advocates in Wood and Adams counties that Krug not attending the forum would be political suicide, so they should not worry their efforts to put together the candidate forum would be for naught.

There are more mysteries, shady mysteries about Scott Krug, but that's a different story.

Stay tuned.

And do not miss this October Six event. Scott Krug is a lightweight, but no one is this dumb to back out of a high-profile event this late.

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