Sep 30, 2014

Scott Walker, Scott Krug Just Don't Get It on CAFOs

The Town of Saratoga gets it.

Patt Pisellini of Rome, Wisconsin gets it.

Writes Pisellini:

I spent my summers in Clark County, on a dairy farm. We never had a 'lagoon,' and we took our cows out to pasture each morning.

Our milk was safe to drink, and our water did not test positive for nitrates.

Responsible dairy farmers would NEVER let such things happen - AND we knew the names of every cow, because they came when they were called. Our cows didn't recoil from human touch.

Seems simple enough.

But accelerating under Scott Walker and State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa), a recipient of the Dairy Business Association's Legislative Achievement Award in 2012, America's Dairyland is being transformed into a system more akin to bioterrorism, vectoring pathogens into Wisconsin waters and aquifers.

In 2013, Wisconsin Republicans continued their assault on local control and water quality, after effectively gutting the DNR.

Writes Sen. Mark Miller (D-Monona):

In stark contrast to the long tradition of collaboration, Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee snuck a non-fiscal provision into the budget that could have dire consequences for the future of our waters. Motion #375, offered by Rep. Dan LaMahieu (R-Cascade), and passed on a party line vote of 12-4, removes the ability for anyone to challenge an application or permit for a high capacity well based on the cumulative impacts that well and others have on Wisconsin’s water supply. In addition, the provision is applied retroactively to any current challenges ongoing when the bill is signed into law.

Scott Krug voted for the budget, and Walker signed it.

Krug, Walker and the Republicans don't get it.

On October 6, Monday (6:30 - 8:30 P.M.) at the Wisconsin Rapids Performing Arts Center, Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors and Rome and Saratoga Friendly will co-host a candidate forum with Dana Duncan (D-Port Edwards) and State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa).

Things will become much clearer to Scott Krug.

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