Mar 2, 2014

Scott Walker's Non-denial and Slur on Walker's Older, Secret Intranet System; File This

For future use, file Scott Walker's flack and his statement trying to knock down Bob Kiefert's piece: "I can report that Walker knew about this [illegal] system as far back as 2002. How do I know? I helped Tim Russell set it up."

Walker campaign spokesman Jonathan Wetzel said, in reference to Kiefert's exclusive being picked up by the Wisconsin State Journal, "That a recent blog post by a Democrat Party activist, unsubstantiated in any way whatsoever, is being reported as factual is ridiculous." (DeFour. Wisconsin State Journal)

Ridiculous? Unsubstantiated?

Wow. Sounds like reckless disregard and defamation to me.

How about suing Kiefert and the Green Bay Progressive for libel and defamation, if Scott Walker and Jonathan Wetzel really believe Kiefert's story is ridiculous.

Maybe former Walker aide, Tim Russell, can get in the act as well; he'll be out of prison soon for embezzling from veterans.

Or, how about suing the Wisconsin State Journal's business entities?

Don't look for a comment or a lawsuit from Scott Walker's office though; truth remains a compelling defense against charges of libel.

Stay tuned though for more from Kiefert.

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