Mar 2, 2014

The Wisconsin Campaign for Governor in 2014—A Morality Play

Suppose a Wisconsin officeholder assumes public office and one of his first acts is to arrange a campaign operation inside the very office confines to which he was elected.

Not just a political infrastructure, but an active campaign with electioneering, email system and laptops, monitoring the media, secret communications in violation of Wisconsin's public records law (a primary check against New Jersey-style political corruption), regular meetings of campaign and public office staff inside the office (a courthouse office) and his top aides and the officeholder using the public office to coordinate campaign strategy with carrying out public duties. And with top aides reminding each other to carry out the campaigning covertly.

Any reasonable person would see this as knowingly committing misconduct in office, criminal misconduct in office.

We don't have to suppose; we have Scott Walker. His aides were convicted or took immunity deals.

Walker was elected governor and the evidence in emails and testimony obtained by law enforcement resulted in 15 criminal convictions.

After using the Milwaukee County Executive's office as a campaign office, including but not exclusive to Walker's 2010 run for Wisconsin governor, Walker again betrayed the Wisconsin people as governor and sold out to big-moneyed interests and his own extremist ideology on which he dared not campaign, while making unequivocal promises of 250,000 new jobs.

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