Feb 18, 2014

Scott Walker's Embrace of Chris Christie Is a Blight Worthy of a Jersey Swamp

Update: Fort Lee mayor won't cooperate with Chris Christie lawyers who think they're prosecutors --- Scott Walker's rallying around America's most corrupt governor is an embrace becoming rare among Republicans as Chris Christie becomes as toxic as a New Jersey dumping site.

As reported on NOW With Alex Wagner last night, only Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal among Republicans with a national profile have embraced Christie in the face of almost daily reports of corruption, graft and a host of bald-faced lies.

But Scott Walker is not too particular on where he gets his out-of-state money.

Walker is benefiting from another $ six-figure ad buy this week from Christie's Republican Governors Association (RGA) following Walker's steadfast support of Christie over demands that Christie step down as chair of the RGA.

Last week, Politico reported "Walker said he and Christie spoke the same day last month that Christie held his marathon press conference declaring his innocence in the scheme to slow traffic on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retribution. Walker said he believed Christie’s explanation then – that wayward aides executed the traffic jam without his knowledge – and has had no reason to doubt the New Jersey governor since ... ."
Worth noting even Chris Christie is holding a listening session today in New Jersey, a forum that to this day Scott Walker refuses to participate in to face Wisconsin voters. Update: Listening session is postponed due to snow. At least Christie has a reason for not holding this listening session, Walker refuses to even discuss holding listening sessions.

Republicans are fleeing Chris Christie with the exception of Paul Ryan,
Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker

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