Feb 19, 2014

Washington Post: Scott Walker Eyes 2016, Obscured by E-mail Release from Aide's Criminal Conviction

Update: Starting Today, Scott Walker is Officially in Hot Water (Conniff. The Progressive). Check The Progressive for continual updates.

Rosalind S. Helderman in the Washington Post offers what is common knowledge in Wisconsin political circles.

The court-ordered release of some 26,000 e-mails today from a router and secret e-mail system in the Milwaukee County Executive' office during Scott Walker's tenure (2002-2010) spells trouble and potentially doom for the Wisconsin politician who spent his entire professional life running for political office.

The much-anticipated release this week is accompanied by Walker's recent rallying around Chris Christie, chair of the Republican Governors Association (RGA), and the RGA's six-figure media buy begun this week in support of Walker's reelection bid for governor.

Helderman notes as well John Doe II, an investigation that spread across five counties and is being conducted by law enforcement agencies from District Attorneys from both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The probe is focused on possible 'illegal campaign coordination between (name redacted), a campaign committee, and certain special interest groups,' according to a filing signed by the five district attorneys in the case." (Bice. MJS)

Wisconsin John Doe probes are conducted in secret with a supervising judge to protect the innocent, and preserve the integrity of the investigation, as noted by attorney Marcus J. Berghahn.

The Wisconsin John Doe statute is 968.26.

The line from the Walker administration on John Doe I is that the first "Doe probe (closed) without bringing charges against anyone in Walker's current (governor's) administration." (MJS)

Left unsaid is that the first John Doe probe centered on Walker's tenure as Milwaukee County executive, not the governor's office and that immunity deals have been struck with Cullen Werwie and Fran McLaughlin, two former press secretaries for Governor Walker.

The effort by many of the D.C. commentariet to move Walker into a serious presidential candidate rarely mentions the multiple criminal convictions of his top aides from his tenure as Milwaukee County Executive, Walker's lack of intelligence and Walker's tendency to associate with the likes of his longtime aides and Walker appointees, Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh who were convicted of embezzling some $60,000 from a fund meant for veterans and families of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It's almost as if there is a desire to see Walker rise and spectactully fall :) .

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