Nov 25, 2013

Scott Walker, GOP: We're Special, We're Above the Law

Scott Walker and the Republican Party are not impressed with the John Doe Probe looking into who and what criminal activity occurred in the 2011 Recall elections; they seem to believe that they are beyond investigation.

One effort to halt the investigation was rebuffed late Friday.

But as Dan Bice noted:

There's even a sense among some Republican insiders that [Francis] Schmitz and his team of five Wisconsin district attorneys may be over-matched.

"Remember that they (prosecutors) are taking on not just millionaires but billionaires," said a GOP source.
Wow.  Billionaires.

I bet special prosecutor Francis Schmitz and Judge Gregory Peterson didn't know that.

Scott Walker's public comments are as forthcoming as always.

What, the Wisconsin citizens think they deserve an explanation?

Walker's trash and burn style on John Doe II: "We expected that with a new Democrat candidate for governor in the race that there would be stories like this along the way," said Gov. Scott Walker on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's October 21 story about the John Doe investigation. (Murray. WPR)

Not working.

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