Nov 24, 2013

An Innocent Man Jailed by Corrupt Iron County; We Are the Bystanders

Don Miller and son, Kirk, before he grew up;
tried to free his father, and facing life with
his father in prison committed suicide
Don Miller is serving a 42-year sentence for a crime his live-in girlfriend fabricated after Miller asked her to move out in 1997.

If I had never written a piece about the Wisconsin State Journal playing stenographer for Iron County DA Martin Lipske, presenting Lipske as a credible source for the proposed Gogebic Taconite mine, I never would have heard about Don Miller.

But the free Don Miller people have built up an impressive national group of advocates, and noticing Martin Lipske in my piece wrote a comment about Don Miller's case prosecuted by Lipske, with URLs to Free Don Miller sites.

The Miller case was preceded over by Iron County Judge Patrick J. Madden, about whom the advocates have evidence Madden had an affair with Miller's alleged "victim," while presiding over the trial.

The site, Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction, is quite a read. If an innocent man sentenced to 42 years is wrong, check out the site because you will not believe what takes place in Iron County, and it's not just Don Miller.

The University of Wisconsin Innocence Project is working on the case, but won't talk with the Don Miller advocates while they are in contact with the Iron County DA's office.

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  1. The affair between Judge Madden and the accuser went on for years prior, during and after Don's wrongful conviction. It's common knowledge that the judge was seen often in the bars with the accuser. How hard would it be to prove that he should have recused himself? A 42 year conviction based on no evidence, in fact, more evidence of Don Miller's innocence than of his guilt. Why such a long sentence? Did jealousy, on the part of the judge, factor in? The accuser had moved in with Don, was the judge retaliating because he missed Connie and wanted Don Miller out of the way? Sixteen years later and Don is still sitting in prison. Where is the justice?