Nov 23, 2013

GOP Complains: Tell It to the Judge

Scott Walker with former aides, now convicted felons - John Doe I
"The bottom line is, I know how I have conducted myself in public service," Scott Walker said. "It is the traditions I have from my parents; it's part of how I obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. We operate at high integrity."
Wisconsin State Journal October 2, 2011

Judge Gregory Peterson is the supervising judge of John Doe II, by Wisconsin statute.

So, Republicans and their friends who funneled $10 millions into the Recall elections, if they have any facts about improper behavior of any prosecutor or investigator, tell Gregory Peterson.

Dan Bice has a new piece about Wisconsin Club for Growth, Charlie Sykes, and assorted Republicans whining.

One can assume the GOP hates the John Doe probe staff, so if the John Doe probe staff is really acting improperly, the GOP would have publicly laid out the facts and evidence.

That the GOP did not just tells you, they're a bunch of cry babies upset with the rule of law being applied to them.

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