Aug 6, 2013

Wisconsin Under Scott Walker: A Snapshot

Wisconsin citizen holding sign inside state capitol
Photo by Blue Cheddar
Update: "Officer Michael J. Syphard grabbed videographer Arthur Kohl-Riggs and threw him to the ground without any kind of warning or request to move," for filming. Look, assholes like Syphard feel empowered this is acceptable, and it is ... to Republicans.

The Wisconsin Capitol police continue their ludicrous crusade against citizen singers, on orders of Scott Walker.

What Erwin Knoll once called a "spasm of sanity" is as likely to be seized in Walker's brain as the Wisconsin Capitol police under David Erwin is going to launch a local version of the Blue Courage approach to policing in a civilized democracy.

Not going to happen, but it should.

Up north, we read the that armed militias are coming back to protect the poisoning of the land and water, including spreading asbestos around, but that the armed militias could be criminally prosecuted by Iron County corrupt DA, Martin Lipske.

Lipske should prosecute Bulletproof Securities for operating without a license, but won't.

  • Mass arrests of citizens for talking to their own government
  • Private (and government-protected) rightwing militias protecting corporations
This is what Scott Walker calls "leadership" to his Tea Party audiences out-of-state, while he refuses to face the Wisconsin people in even one question-and-answer session. Not one.

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