Aug 5, 2013

If Sensenbrenner's Serious, Let Him Challenge GOP

James Sensenbrenner - Protector of
Republican Voter Obstruction
Update: Sensenbrenner is one of only six serving in Congress today who opposed the federal holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What a hypocrite

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-White Folks in Milwaukee Suburbs) says he ever so serious about protecting the right to vote, raising the question why in his latest column in USA Today does Sensenbrenner fail to mention the words "Republican," "racism" and "voter obstruction."

Sensenbrenner need look no further than his own state of Wisconsin and his own party (the Republican Party) to see the insidious voter obstruction efforts, Act 23, while he roars out his "commitment to never again permit racial prejudices in our electoral process."

The Republican-crafted photo voter ID law is designed to obstruct African Americans in Milwaukee County (where Sensenbrenner resides).

Hey Sensenbrenner, about that racial prejudice you like to BS about, what do you think of the Wisconsin GOP booth at the Wisconsin State Fair?

Bet you're going to cut your August vaca short; get on national TV and demand that your home state Party stops behaving like a bunch of Klansman.

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