Aug 5, 2013

GOP Sells Race-Baiting T-Shirts at Wisconsin State Fair

From The Political Environment - Didn't bother to ask
James Rowen for permission to run this racist, vile GOP image

Update: From Uppity Wisconsin comes more sickening display from the-soon-to-be-infamous GOP booth at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Republican family values from Wisconsin: Race baiting, mocking of black people, and iconographic images threatening to shoot people to death.

The Political Environment and Wisconsin Blogging Blue report vile, racist T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers etc. sold at the Republican Party booth at the annual Wisconsin State Fair, begun August 1 and ending August 11.

One shirt reads:

It's because I'm


Isn't it

Atop the bolded, black, upper-case font is the image of an military-style automatic rifle. 

Another T-shirt at the GOP Booth at the Wisconsin State Fair reads on the back:

"Due to the High cost of Ammunition, Warning shots Will no longer Be given!"

Next to this GOP message is an image of a hand pointing a pistol.

Wonder why the GOP is the White Party?

Noted at the Political Environment:  The events page August calendar (click on the red Wisconsin State Fair bar) on the web site of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County has this information: "WI State Fair. ... Visit the 'Republicans for Wisconsin' booth."

Yeah, bring your whole family.

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