Aug 22, 2013

Judge Conley Should Hold DoA Sec. Huebsch, David Erwin in Contempt

Update: There is no doubt among any objective, fair-minded citizen that Capitol police arresting are observers of the Solidarity Sing Along, in direct contravention of federal Judge Conley's order. See also Blue Cheddar's piece noting that arrests of observers has become "normalized."

Attorney and writer Ernest A. Canning in a comment on a piece at The Brad Blog opines that through the action of Scott Walker's thugs, Mike Huebsch, David Erwin and the Capitol cops are in contempt in one respect of federal court, "(i)f it can be shown that the Capitol Police are (arresting) when the numbers are less than 20."

It is so shown, among calls for peace from religious groups.

Canning does not exclude targeting specific content of speech, which is of course what the thugs are doing as cause for contempt, but it it worth noting that arresting people for asking a question, for practicing journalism, and other non-actions clearly violate Justice Conley's order and clearly are in contempt of court. So, what are the ACLU and the Guild waiting for?

Please view this video by Arthur Kohl-Riggs of SSWIDTMS entitled, "Capitol Police Use Pain Compliance During Illegal Arrest of a Peaceful Demonstrator," every bit as repulsive as the title implies.

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  1. I wonder how they sleep at night...
    ...or what they talk about at the dinner table?

    "Daddy, what do you do at work?"

    "I treat people like shit!"

    "Why daddy?"

    "Because I can!"

    "But why daddy?"

    "Shut up and eat or your going to bed!"