Jul 23, 2013

Rep. Sensenbrenner Makes List: House Members Committed to Radicalism and Sabotage

Update: New Poll: 83 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing in Washington.

Cockroaches and traffic jams are more popular than Congress.

The Republican strategy to employ total gridlock to ensure that nothing coming from representative government benefits President Barack Obama is a form of governmental sabotage that has reached the popular culture.

Now, mainstream journalists are naming the names and reading the crimes.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin) makes the list of "45 House Republicans most willing to grind government to a halt, based on an analysis of six votes this year by the Washington Post blog The Fix."

Sensenbrenner is one of two figures from Wisconsin's five-member GOP House delegation to make the list', as he pretends to be a civil rights champion while supporting GOP state governments blocking voters from voting.

Disappointingly, Rep. Tom Petri (R-Fond du Lac) is on the list as well.

Both members have been in Congress a long time (since 1979), and both are virtually guaranteed reelection in safe districts.

Expecting these two congressional veterans to be the adults in the House of Representatives is expecting too much apparently.

Not your parents' Republican Party anymore.

As Jonathan Chait writes, "The reign of the Republican House has not yet inflicted any deep or permanent disaster on the country, but it looks like it is just a matter of time."

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