Jul 24, 2013

Republicans Again Arrest and Detain 20 Citizens at Capitol, Including Journalist

Madison Capitol Police Arrest Singers and Observers
Via  Blue Cheddar, GilesGoatBoy and Support for Solidarity Sing Along

Scott Walker and Republican are starting up again their mass arrests of Wisconsin citizens for singing in public today.

Not good news for the Republicans as this time WKOW TV was there, as well as the Madison Radion Station, 92.1 The Mic personality, Dominic Salvia who was not singing and was arrested.

Said Bob Jauch (D-Poplar, Wisconsin): "My God, people have a right to sing. The administration is upset with the views of the people who are there and they’re trying to remove them from their Capitol."

Greg Neumann of WKOW has lots of shots of the mass police civil liberties violations.

Look at these dangerous people surrounding by Madison Capitol Police - Maybe these guys need to get outside more and understand that serving as Walker's palace guard does not square with their oaths to defend the Constitution.

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