Jul 22, 2013

Health Care for All Is Winning Message as Republicans Run

What few of the extremist band of Republicans will openly admit is the fact they reject health care as a fundamental human right.

Republicans, like Wisconsin's Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, in their Randian musings of incoherent hate, believe health care is not a right, it's a special type of commodity that buys you a privileged state of living that you achieve, inherit, or earn.

Republicans won't admit to their views, by design, as they continue to oppose and block the Affordable Care Act enacted against unanimous Republican opposition.
The GOP's rejection of human rights stems from the fact that Republicans are not all that crazy about people to begin with, especially Americans of color whom Republicans revile as a malignant blight, a parasitic cancer. Republicans truly are a delusional bunch.

It's no giant leap for Republicans, repulsivecans, to wish to prevent the creation of a society that exists for the benefit of all its people, and that does not include the working class or people of color.

This view of people is of course sociopathic, a warped conception of humanity that can only be supported with lies that rightwing hacks are all too happy to tell.

Republicans desperately oppose health care reform because as the benefits become clear and GOP lies are exposed, Republicans will lose politically and for decades be known as the Party that blocked your access to health.

Watch Republicans ratchet up their opposition to any measure based upon inclusion and health care for all as destructive to white America, the real America, and feeding lazy and greedy minorities eating away at white America from within and without.

"Contained therein (Fox News' Bill O'Reilly's post-election rant) were all the same old dog whistles, the same ridiculous, no-longer-so-coded racial appeals. The insistence that all those people of color 'want stuff'—unlike the selfless ascetics who populate white America," writes Kevin Baker (Harper's, Nov. 8, 2012) ... "The aging white men who make up the G.O.P.’s spine have become so accustomed to talking in terms of 'the other,' and they’ve spent so much time mentally dehumanizing anybody who might disagree with them on anything, that they’re now almost congenitally incapable of forming a coalition with the rest of America. This won’t change until they finally feel able to make an argument that consists of more than spouting a slogan and running away."

Considering the delusional architecture of Republicans, now politically backed up against the wall, with new infusions of money from the Koch brothers don't expect Republicans to do anything but spout a slogan and run away.

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