Jan 17, 2013

Scott Walker's Chief of Political Police Targets Veterans

David M. Erwin
Chief of Police
Wisconsin Capitol Police
Update II: Erwin-Walker citations (some 125) against political opponents are being dismissed by the bundle.

Update: Innocent man arrested after Capitol Police mistakenly arrest one black guy, thinking he was another black guy. Capitol Police screwed up the arrest, after which Walker's DoA put out a press release reading in part: "A tragedy was avoided and our Capitol remains safe because of the actions of our officers yesterday." No apology yet from Walker, the DoA or Erwin.

Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin is some piece of work.

Erwin has been shamelessly violating the First Amendment rights of Scott Walker's political opponents since joining Walker's regime as Chief at the Wisconsin state capitol.

Now, Lou Kaye reports, Erwin and his band of go-along police are targeting veterans at a Madison capitol Sing-Along.

Kaye has two videos at the link above.

Erwin has declined to explain the actions of the capitol police in any detail, and has pooh-poohed First Amendment concerns.

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